Rivers and Streams Animals

Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Fish
Order: Gruiformes: Ground nesters
Size: 46 cm (18 in)
Family: Eurypygidae: Sunbittern Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Eurypyga helias Habitat: forest streams and creeks
Range: Central America, South America to Brazil

Size of SunbitternThe sunbittern is an elegant bird, with a long bill, slender neck and long legs. It frequents the well-wooded banks of streams, where it is perfectly camouflaged in the dappled sunlight by its mottled plumage. Fish, insects and crustaceans are its main foods, which it hunts from the bank or seizes with swift thrusts of its bill, while wading in the shallows.  In courtship display, the beautifully plumaged wings are fully spread, revealing patches of color, and the tips are held forward, framing the head and neck. The birds also perform a courtship dance, with tail and wings spread. Both partners help to build the large domed nest in a tree and incubate the 2 or 3 eggs for about 28 days.

Range of Sunbittern
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