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Red Piranha
Red Piranha
Class: Fishes: 4 classes Diet: Fish
Order: Cypriniformes: Carps
Size: up to 30.5 cm (12 in)
Family: No Fish family information Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Serrasalmus nattereri Habitat: rivers
Range: Northern South America: Amazon basin

Size of Red PiranhaOne of the carnivorous members of the family Characidae, the red piranha is not a large fish but swims in such large shoals that, together, the fishes form a formidable hunting group. They are armed with strong jaws and razor-sharp triangular teeth, which can chop pieces of flesh from a victim with alarming efficiency. Despite their very blood-thirsty reputation, carnivorous piranhas feed largely on fish and on seeds and fruit but will attack larger, usually wounded animals, which they quickly devour by their combined efforts.

Range of Red Piranha
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