Tundra Animals
Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone

Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Insects, plants, crustaceans, mollusks
Order: Charadriiformes: Auks, Waders, Laris 
Size: body:18 - 23 cm (7 - 9 in)
Family: Scolopacidae: Sandpipers Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Arenaria interpres Habitat: tundra
Range: breeds in arctic coast marshes; winters on rocky shores south of breeding range

Size of Ruddy TurnstoneIn the breeding season, the turnstone has bold black, white, and reddish-brown markings, which become duller in winter. Insects, particularly midges, and some plant material are its main food in summer, but in winter it forages on seashores, turning over stones and other debris with its bill to find mollusks, crustaceans, and even carrion. Breeding birds arrive from wintering areas in late May or early June. The 4 eggs are laid in a grass-lined hollow on the ground and incubated by both parents for 21 to 23 days.

Range of Ruddy Turnstone
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