Temperate Deciduous Forest

Leaf Terms / I

There's a lot of different terms used to identify the type of leaf you're examining. Below is a series of diagrams labeling the different types, shapes, and parts of leaves. Take a closer look and learn some new vocabulary.

Parts of an Individual Leaf
Parallel and Pinnate Veining
Here, you can see the major parts of an individual leaf. The stipule isn't always found on a leaf and the stalk is also called the petiole sometimes.

The direction in which the veins run along the blade of the leaf is described as either parallel or pinnate.

Here, we see pictures of five different types of compound leaves. Tiny leaflets arranged in a set pattern together make one compound leaf.

1) Pinnate
2) Twice pinnate 
3) Palmate 
4) Three-divided (trifoliate)
5) Three-times-three-divided (ternate)

Compound Leaves
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