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European Red Squirrel
European Red Squirrel
Class: Mammalia: Mammals Diet: Conifer cones, fungi, fruit
Order: Rodentia: Rodents
Size: body: 20 - 24 cm (7 3/4 - 9 1/2 in), tail: 15 - 20 cm (6 - 7 3/4 in)
Family: Sciuridae: Squirrels Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Sciurus vulgaris Habitat: evergreen forest
Range: Europe, east to China, Korea and Japan: Hokkaido

Size of European Red SquirrelUntil the arrival of the North American gray squirrel in Britain at the beginning of this century, the only European species was the red squirrel. Populations are now declining in Britain, but red squirrels are still abundant in Europe and Asia. Conifer cones are their main food, although in summer they also eat fungi and fruit.  The length of the breeding season is dictated by local climate: in a good year a female may produce two litters of about 3 young each. The young are born in a tree nest, called a drey, which also doubles as winter quarters.

Range of European Red Squirrel
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