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Red-Throated Loon
Red-Throated Loon
Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Fish
Order: Gaviiformes: Divers
Size: 53 - 69 cm (21 - 27 in)
Family: Gaviidae: Loons Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Gavia stellata Habitat: lakes, ponds, seas
Range: Circumpolar: North America, Northern Europe, Northern Asia

Size of Red-Throated LoonThe red-throated loon has a thin grebe-like bill and a reddish throat patch at breeding time; in winter its back is spotted with white, and its head is gray and white. Like the others in the family, the red-throated loon flies strongly and, because it is smaller than other species, takes off from the water more easily. After a courtship display of bill-dipping and diving, the female lays 1 to 3 eggs in a heap of moss or other vegetation or in a shallow dip in the ground. Both parents share the 24- to 29-day incubation of the clutch and feed the young.

Range of Red-Throated Loon
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