Temperate Rainforest Scrapbook
Group Dwarfed by Trees in Quinault RainforestThe Quinault Rainforest is found in the southern part of the Olympia National Forest. The forest stretches 1,200 miles along the Pacific coast. Temperate rainforests cover only 75 million acres of earth. That's not much... and two-thirds of all temperate rainforests are here in the Pacific Northwest.

We were excited because we knew it would be a great adventure! Temperate rainforests are very ancient and rare. 

Temperate Forests Are Lush and GreenThere is a fine mist in the air. The forest is always damp with water dripping from the tree branches. 

Temperate rainforests -- like the Quinault -- get about 100 inches or more of rain each year. 

You don't see lots of broadleaf plants like you find in the tropical rainforests. There are huge conifer trees here. Some can grow taller than 300 feet tall! Some of these trees may be up to 500 and even 1000 years old and the trunk can be more than 100 feet around!


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