Tropical Rainforest Animals
Vine Snake
Vine Snake
Class: Reptilia: Reptiles Diet: Young birds, lizards
Order: Squamata: Lizards and Snakes 
Size: body:1.5 - 2 m (5 - 6 1/2 ft)
Family: Colubridae: Colubrine Snakes Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Oxybelis fulgidus Habitat: rainforest, cultivated land
Range: Central America to Northern South America

Size of Vine SnakeBarely the thickness of a man's finger, about 1.25 cm (1/2 in) in diameter at the most, the vine snake is a remarkably slender, elongated species. As it lies amid the branches of forest trees, its proportions and greeny-brown coloration make it almost indistinguishable from the abundant creepers and vines. Its head, too, is thin and elongated and equipped with rear fangs and mild venom. A slow-moving predator, active in the daytime and at night, the vine snake feeds mainly on young birds, which it steals from nests, and on lizards. If threatened, it puffs up the front of its body, revealing vivid coloration usually hidden under scales, and opens its long mouth wide. A frightened snake may also sway from side to side, like a stem in the breeze.

Range of Vine Snake
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