Desert Animals

Desert Lark
Desert Lark
Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Seeds
Order: Passeriformes: Perching birds 
Size: body:15 cm (6 in)
Family: Alaudidae: Larks Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Ammomanes deserti Habitat: stony, hilly desert, dry wooded slopes
Range: Africa: Sahara; Middle East, through Iran to Afghanistan

Size of Desert LarkThe plumage of the desert lark perfectly matches the color of the desert soil and is the best example of soil camouflage in birds. The very dark subspecies, A. d. annae, blends with the black larval sand of central Arabia, while the pale race, A. d. isabellina, does not stray from areas of white sand.

The nest is usually built up against a rock or tuft of grass and is reinforced on the windward side by small decorative pebbles. In the harsh desert interior, 3 eggs are laid, while 4 or 5 may be produced at the desert edge.

Range of Desert Lark
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