Desert Animals

Class: Mammalia: Mammals Diet: Plants
Order: Artiodactyla: Even-toed Ungulates 
Size: body:1.3 m (4 1/4 ft), tail: 25 - 35 cm (9 3/4 - 13 3/4 in)
Family: Bovidae: Bovids Conservation Status: Critically endangered
Scientific Name: Addax nasomaculatus Habitat: sandy and stony desert
Range: Africa: E. Mauritania, W. Mali; patchy distribution in Algeria, Chad, Niger and Sudan 

Size of AddaxWith its heavy head and shoulders and slender hindquarters, the addax is a clumsy-looking animal. Its coloration varies widely between individuals, but there is always a mat of dark-brown hair on the forehead, and both sexes have thin, spiral horns. Addax are typical desert-dwellers, with their large, widespreading hoofs, adapted to walking on soft sand, and they never drink, obtaining all the moisture they need from their food, which includes succulents. Their nomadic habits are closely linked to the sporadic rains, for addax appear to have a special ability to find the patches of desert vegetation that suddenly sprout after a downpour. They are normally found in herds of 20 to 200. The female produces 1 young after a gestation of 8 1/2 months.

Range of Addax
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