Tropical Oceans Animals

Class: Mammalia: Mammals Diet: Seaweed
Order: Dugongs, Manatees
Size: up to 3 m (9 3/4 ft)
Family: Dugongidae: Dugong Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Scientific Name: Dugong dugon Habitat: coastal waters
Range: Coast of Eastern Africa, Indian Ocean, Red Sea to Northern Australia

Size of DugongThe dugong is a large, but streamlined animal, identified by its tail, which has a crescent-shaped fluke. Its head is heavy, with a fleshy, partially divided snout. The male has two tusks formed from the incisor teeth, but these are often barely visible under the fleshy lips. A shy, solitary animal, the dugong leads a sedentary life, lying on the seabed for much of the time and only rising to the surface to breathe every couple of minutes. Its nostrils are placed on the upper surface of the muzzle, so the dugong can breathe, while remaining almost submerged. Seaweed and sea grass are its main foods.  Little is known of the dugong's reproductive habits, but the gestation is thought to be about a year. The single young is born in the water and is helped to the surface by its mother.

Range of Dugong
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