Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia

Multimedia Animals EncyclopediaMultimedia Animals Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference containing detailed illustrations, descriptions and cross-referenced facts for more than 2,000 species. 

Animal pictures and data on this web site comes from the Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia. The complete CD-ROM contains many more entries and the ability to search and display by category.

Available for PC and Macintosh computers. 

AnimalsAnimals: View detailed illustration and general descriptions with cross-referenced facts for each animal including: geographic range, habitat, scientific classification, diet, size, and conservation status. 
BookshelfBookshelf: Select specific features and cross-referenced information to discover similar groups of animals or specific species. Reference categories include: size, sounds, diet, classification, pronunciation, and habitat. 
TopicsTopics: View the introduction, glossary, conservation status, characteristics, animals profiles and the zoo. 
Range MapsRange Maps: Select a geographic area to view the animals who inhabit that region. 
HelpHelp: An overview of specific information on procedures to help you fully explore the program. 
System Requirements
If using a Multimedia PC 

MPC or 386SX PC or better with at least 2 MB of available RAM. 

CD-ROM drive and audio card meeting MPC specifications. 

SVGA with 640 X 480, 256 color Windows driver properly loaded. 

Windows 3.1. 

Please note: this product was designed to be displayed at 640 X 480 in 256 colors and to play WAV audio files. Check "Windows Setup" for proper display settings and "Control Panel" for the appropriate audio driver. 

If Using a Macintosh:

Color Macintosh with at least 4 MB of RAM and CD-ROM drive. 

At least a 13" monitor with a minimum of 512k VRAM. 

System 7.0 or higher. 

Please note: This product is designed to be displayed at 640 X 480 in 256 colors and to play AIFF files. Check the current video mode by selecting the "Monitor" icon within your "Control Panel" folder to insure that it is set to display 256 colors. 

To the best of our knowledge, this software is no longer available.

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