MBGnet's Virtual Taiga Biome
Taiga facts

  • The average temperature is below freezing for six months of the year.

  • Winters are cold with some snowfall.

    Winter -65 30 (F)
    -54-1 (C)
    Summer 2070 (F)
    -721 (C)

  • Summers are rainy, warm and humid.

  • Total yearly precipitation is 12 - 33 inches (30 - 85 centimeters).

  • Most of the precipitation comes in the summer months.

  • Wildfires happen in the taiga. Many trees have adapted by growing thick bark to protect themselves from a mild fire.

  • The taiga has millions of insects in the summer time. Birds migrate to the taiga every year for the plentiful food supply.

  • The taiga has fewer plant and animal species than tropical, temperate, or temperate deciduous forests.