The Three Types of North American Grasslands

In the United States and Canada there are three types of grasslands:
(don't forget, a prairie is another name for a grassland)

All together, these prairies produce much of American's wheat, soybeans, and corn. Because of this, this grassland region is known as "America's Breadbasket."

1 Tall Grass Prairie
The Tall Grass Prairie lies mainly in the eastern portion of the Midwest. The grasses here often grow to be five feet tall. Here it rains an average of 30 inches per year. approach 30 inches.
2 Mixed Grass Prairie The Mixed Grass Prairie is found in the middle portion of the Midwestern United States. The grasses here grow to be two to three feet tall. There is 15 to 25 inches of rain per year. This is the prairie where the buffalo once roamed.
3 Short Grass Prairie The Short Grass Prairie is found in the western portion of the Midwest hugging the edge of the deserts and the Rocky Mountains. The grasses here grow to be no more than two feet tall. There is little more than ten inches of rain per year. Prairie dogs are common in here.