Grasslands Animals
W a r t h o g

The warthog has long legs, a large head and a broad mouth with tusks. On each side of the big head are two wartlike things -- thatıs why its called the warthog! Its bristly coat is thin. There is a mane of long bristles running to the middle of the back. There are whiskers on the lower jaw. The female is smaller than the male and has shorter tusks. Warthogs live in family groups in a territory that may be shared by more than one family. They prefer to have water for drinking and wallowing within their range. They live in aardvark burrows or holes among rocks, where they rest in the heat of the day and at night. As well as grazing on short grass, warthogs eat fruit. In dry spells, they will probe the ground with their tusks to obtain bulbs, tubers and roots. They occasionally prey on small mammals and will eat carrion.