Grasslands Animals
A f r i c a n E l e p h a n t

The huge, majestic elephant is perhaps the most imposing of all the African mammals. It has larger ears and tusks than the Asian species and two finger-like extensions at the end of its trunk. Females are smaller than males and have shorter tusks. Elephants rest in the mid-day heat. They sleep one or two times at night. Elephants roams with their swinging, unhurried gait in search of food. Depending on its size, an elephant can eat up to 440 pounds of plants a day. They grasp food with their trunk and stick it in their mouths. Elephants live to eat leaves, shoots, twigs, roots and fruit from many plants. Elephants like to be with other elephants. Several females and their babies live together in troops. When the babies grow up, the young males form new troops.