MBGnet's Virtual 
Desert Biome

What is a Desert Like?

The desert is often very hot in the daytime.

At night, it may get somewhat chilly, or even cold.

Here at the virtual desert it is 100 degrees during the day and drops to 50 degrees at night.

You might like to compare our temperature to today's temperature in some desert communities:

Deserts are usually very, very, dry. Why? Because they do not get much rain. Even the wettest deserts get less than 10 inches a year. How much rain does your hometown get? Check it out and compare? To the left is a graph of precipitation that the world's major biomes receive per year.

In most places, rain falls throughout the year. In the desert, there may be only a few very large rains and they are usually very far apart. But when it rains, there may be quite a downpour! After the rain, desert flowers bloom.