Aquatic Critters

Whirligig BeetleWhirligig beetles are easily identified by their habit of circling rapidly on the surface of the water, usually in groups. They are capable of diving underwater if threatened. Each eye is divided into two parts, one for viewing things above water, the other forWhirligig Beetleseeing underwater. Whirligig beetles feed on
insects which have fallen onto the water surface and also scavenge on dead plant and animal matter. 
Predaceous Diving BeetlePredaceous diving beetle adults are very active predators, eating insect larvae, tadpoles and small fish. They have dark, shiny, compact bodies. Note the bubble of air this insect is carrying. It is used for breathing underwater. However, they
Predaceous Diving Beetlecan also be seen with their abdomens hanging down from the water's surface getting air. (When collecting aquatic organisms you need to place these beetles in a separate container because they will eat other insects and small fish you have collected.) 
Diving Beetle LarvaThe diving beetle larvae, also known as "water tigers," are also predators with large jaws. They use their powerful jaws to inject digestive juices into their prey. 
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