The Desert and Rainforest Habitat
To the tune of: "I've Been Working on the Railroad"

Play Verse 1

Plants survive in their surroundings
Because they adapt
To conditions that are found in
The desert habitat.
There it's always hot and sunny,
The air is very dry,
Soil is sandy and it's rocky,
And the winds go blowing by.

Play Verse 2

How have desert plants adapted
To their habitat?
Roots are long for finding water
That they store in stems so fat.
Leaves lose water so they're smaller;
Some plants have none, you know.
Cacti have spines that will protect them
As they slowly grow.

Play Verse 3

Other kinds of plants are living
Where they must adapt
To the tropical rain forest—
a wet, shady habitat.
There it's always warm and rainy.
Soil is shallow and poor.
There's so many plants it's shady
On the forest floor.

Play Verse 4

In the tropical rain forest
How do plants adapt?
Buttresses support the tall trees;
Drip-tip leaves shed water.
Prop and stilt roots can be found here—
Supporting while they feed.
Some plants climb or live on others
For the light they need.

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