Forest Animals

Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Seeds, nuts, berries, insects
Order: Galliformes: Gamebirds
Size: body:91 - 122 cm (36 - 48 in)
Family: Meleagridinae: Turkeys Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo Habitat: wooded country
Range: U.S.A., Mexico 

Size of TurkeyThe wild turkey has a lighter, slimmer body and longer legs than the domesticated version. Turkeys are strong fliers over short distances. They roost in trees but find most of their food on the ground and eat plant matter, such as seeds, nuts and berries, as well as some insects and small reptiles. A breeding male has a harem of several females. Each female lays her eggs in a shallow, leaf-lined nest on the ground; sometimes two or more females use the same nest. The female incubates the clutch of 8 to 15 eggs for about 28 days and cares for the young. The sexes segregate after breeding.

Range of Turkey
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