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Spring Peeper
Spring Peeper
Class: Amphibia: Amphibians Diet: Insects
Order: Anura: Frogs and Toads
Size: body:2 - 3 cm (3/4 - 1 1/4 in)
Family: Hylidae: Treefrogs Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Hyla crucifer Habitat: woodland, near ponds, swamps
Range: S.E. Canada; U.S.A., south to central Florida, west to Texas 

Size of Spring PeeperOne of the most abundant frogs in eastern North America, the spring peeper's song does indeed herald the arrival of spring in the north of its range. This agile little frog can climb into trees and bushes, using its well-developed adhesive toe pads, and jump over 17 times its body length. It feeds mainly on small spiders and insects, including flying insects, which it leaps into the air to catch. Courting males call from trees over-hanging water, making a bell-like chorus. The male frog climbs onto a female, who enters water and lays her 800 to 1,000 eggs, one at a time, onto stems of aquatic vegetation. He fertilizes the eggs, which hatch within a few days. The tadpoles metamorphose about 3 months later and leave the pond.

Range of Spring Peeper
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