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Snowshoe Rabbit
Snowshoe Rabbit
Class: Mammalia: Mammals Diet: Plants 
Order: Lagomorpha: Lagomorphs 
Size: body: 36 - 52 cm (14 1/4 - 20 1/2 in), tail: 2.5 - 5.5 cm (1 - 2 1.4 in)
Family: Leporidae: Rabbits and Hares  Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Lepus americanus Habitat: forest, swamps, thickets
Range: Alaska, Canada, Northern U.S.A. 

Size of Snowshoe RabbitAlso known as the varying hare, this animal has a dark-brown coat in summer that turns white in winter, except for a black edging on the ear tips. This coat is of undoubted camouflage value, although in fact only the visible tips of the hairs are pure white. Usually active at night and in the early morning, the snowshoe rabbit feeds on juicy green plants and grass in summer and twigs, shoots and buds in winter.

The population of these animals fluctuates tremendously on a roughly 10-year cycle, due to the availability of food and predator interactions. Breeding begins in March, and there may be two or three litters, each of 1 to 7, usually 4, young, which are born well furred, with their eyes open.

Range of Snowshoe Rabbit
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