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Hawk Owl
Hawk Owl
Class: Aves: Birds Diet: Small mammals
Order: Strigiformes: Owls
Size: 36 - 43 cm (14 1/4 - 17 in)
Family: Strigidae: Owls Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Surnia ulula Habitat: open areas in coniferous forest
Range: Canada, extreme Northern USA, Northern Asia, Scandinavia

Size of Hawk OwlThe hawk owl is easily recognized by its tail, which is longer than usual for owls, and by its pale facial disk, bordered with black. Its wings are fairly short and pointed, giving it a hawklike appearance in flight. It hunts by day, watching from a perch in the trees then flying down after prey. It feeds on mice, lemmings, squirrels and other small mammals, as well as on birds and some insects.  Nesting takes place from April to June, depending on the area, and the clutch size varies annually according to the food supply. The female lays her eggs, usually 5 or 6 but sometimes up to 9, in the hollow top of a tree stump or in an abandoned nest or woodpecker hole. The eggs are incubated for 25 to 30 days, mostly by the female.

Range of Hawk Owl
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