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Black-footed Ferret
Black-footed Ferret
Class: Mammalia: Mammals  Diet: Small mammals
Order: Carnivora: Carnivores 
Size: body: 38 - 45 cm (15 - 17 3/4 in), tail: 12.5 - 15 cm (5 - 6 in) 
Family: Mustelidae: Mustelids  Conservation Status: Extinct in the wild
Scientific Name: Mustela nigripes  Habitat: prairie 
Range: North America: Alberta to Northern Texas

Size of Black-footed FerretThe black-footed ferret feeds mainly on prairie dogs, but these animals are considered farm pests and large numbers are poisoned. This destruction of their natural prey has caused a drastic decline in the numbers of ferrets -- and their indirect poisoning. The black-footed ferret is now protected by law, but it is still in great danger of extinction and its survival depends either on the conservation of prairie dogs or on its ability to adapt to other areas and prey. It is generally a nocturnal animal. In June it produces a yearly litter of 3 to 5 young.

Range of Black-footed Ferret
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