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Basking Shark
Basking Shark
Class: Fishes: 4 classes Diet: Plankton
Order: Lamniformes: Sharks
Size: 10.4 m (34 ft)
Family: No Fish family information Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Scientific Name: Cetorhinus maximus Habitat: oceanic
Range: Worldwide, outside the tropics

Size of Basking SharkThe basking shark is the second-largest living species of fish. It shares the streamlined body shape of other sharks but is distinguished by its extra-large gill slits. It feeds entirely on plankton which it sieves from the water by means of comblike bristles on its gill arches. The shark simply swims with its mouth agape, taking in a vast quantity of water and plankton and filtering it through the gill slits. As the name implies, basking sharks often float sluggishly at the surface of the water.  Little is known of the basking shark's breeding habits, but its eggs are believed to develop inside its body, hatching as they are expelled. The young sharks are about 1.5m (5 ft) long at birth.

Range of Basking Shark
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