Growing Through Changes: Life Cycles of Plants
Sing a Song How Do Plants Pollinate?
To the tune of: "This Land Is Your Land"
(Press the icon to hear the verse)
What does a plant need
To make a new seed?
Three things give flowers
Reproductive powers -
the sticky pollen,
the slender stamen,
and pistils make the flower whole.

What gets the pollen going
To keep new plants growing?
Different kinds of birds do,
Or the wind that's blowing.
Butterflies and bees,
Carry pollen they need
That's what makes pollination work.

If a flower's not scented,
Not brightly colored,
And the flowers are smaller
In clusters tighter
With stamens longer
the signs are stronger
That plant spreads pollen on the wind.

When bright colored flowers
Have a sweet perfume
And a sugary nectar
Then chances are good
That birds and insects active
Find the plants attractive
And they'll spread the pollen as they go.