The Buzzz... On Bees

Training Honeybees in the Spring

You can train honeybees to come to a "flower" made of cardboard. You Need:

  1. Cut five flowers from the cardboard squares. You can print shape at the bottom of the page and use it for the pattern.

  2. Put the five flower shapes on a table outside. Use a little bit of tape to make sure the flowers won't blow away. In the middle of each flower place a bottle cap filled with a little sugar and water.

  3. Watch your flowers for a while. Soon you will find that a bee has discovered your flowers. You can see it will drink the sugar water by lapping with its tongue.

  4. Once one bee has found the food, other bees will come. Soon, the "flower" you made will be crowded with bees.

  5. Now that you have trained bees to come to your flowers, test to see which color attracts the most bees. Is there a difference?