Aquatic Critters

TadpoleFrogs are a member of the amphibian group. They lay their eggs in the water, and the eggs hatch into tadpoles. A tadpole is the larval stage, and will eventually change into what we know as frogs. Tadpoles breathe with gills, lack nostrils, and have eyes on the sides of their head. They eat algae. 

Tadpole Becoming a FrogOnce the tadpole's legs begin to develop, nostrils appear, and they begin to develop lungs for breathing to replace the gills. Jaws form, their eyes elevate to the top of the head, and the tail shortens and disappears. 

BullfrogOnce the frog fully develops it lives on a diet of insects that it captures with its long sticky tongue. Bullfrogs, which are quite large, can eat most anything that it can handle like crayfish, small frogs, birds, snakes, and even small mammals. 

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