Aquatic Critters

DragonflyMany of the animals which live in aquatic ecosystems rely on the plants for food. There are many insects living in and around bodies of water. Some of these insects live their adult lives as flying insects, like the dragonfly, but their larval stages are spent in the water. 

Dragonfly The dragonfly is a common sight around bodies of water in the warmer months. This is an adult dragonfly. They eat mosquitoes and are eaten by a wide variety of birds, amphibians, spiders, other insects and even bats. 

Dragonfly NymphThis is a dragonfly nymph. A nymph is an immature or larval stage in the life cycle of some insects. An adult female dragonfly generally lays her eggs in the water. The eggs hatch within 12 to 30 days into the nymphal stage. The dragonfly nymph is the color of the bottom of the pond. 

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